3 Kitchen Design Trends For 2015

October 21, 2015

Let's face it. No matter your lifestyle, the kitchen is one of the most important areas of any home, so it's no surprise that the kitchen is the focal point of many a new build or renovation.  Here's three trends in kitchen design to watch for, ensuring your new home is not only at the cutting edge in 2015, but stays that way for a lifetime.
  • Build for entertaining. In today's world, everyone is a Masterchef and now more than ever, the kitchen has become the centre of the action when it comes to entertaining.  With this in mind, your kitchen needs to be intuitive, spacious and well thought out.  Clever storage options will help make the best use of space and ensure easy access to cutting boards, pots and pans.  Soft close cupboards and draws add a little touch of class and quality to your kitchen.  If the space allows for it, a walk-in butlers pantry is a great place to prep food and hide all those messy dishes until after your guests are gone.
  • Stunning Benchtops A good benchtop makes all the difference to your kitchen.  Dark stone and "touch-me" textures are in as are coloured or textured sinks. Go fingerprint-free with a top that withstands knocks and scratches, is hygienic and of course easy to clean.
  • Open Shelving Open shelves can be a polarizing option, however more and more people are opting for using open shelving as functional storage, rather than just decorative display. Open shelving personalizes the space, making it feel lived in and warm, while keeping the kitchen functional and easy to use.
There's our three tips, if you've got some of your own, we'd love to hear them.  Drop us a message at our Facebook page. Tags: , , ,

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